SaveMySnaps APK v7.1.3.3 [Latest] free download for Android

SaveMySnaps is a Snapchat client with many features which are not available in the official Snapchat app. This app is currently available for Android only. By default, Snapchat messages, photos or videos get deleted after a certain time – this is, in fact, the main philosophy behind Snapchat. But, as its name suggests, SaveMySnaps can save any snap you receive in your phone. There are also many additional features that make SaveMySnaps a simple but very useful app for Snapchat users.


Features of SaveMySnaps app

  1. Works perfectly as a Snapchat client. You can log into your Snapchat account using your Snapchat username and password via SaveMySnaps. However, once you login via Save My Snaps, you will be automatically logged out from the official Snapchat app; meaning you can’t use both the apps simultaneously.
  2. Save snaps to your phone and send snaps from your photo gallery. No doubt this is the main feature of Save MySnaps app.
  3. The sender will not get notified if you have viewed or saved his / her snaps (unless you want to) using Save My Snaps.
  4. You can forward or share any received snap using this app.
  5. There are lots of cosmetic features like photo editing, custom fonts, filters and drawing effects available within the app.
  6. The app is free and doesn’t require a rooted device. There is possibly a paid ad-free upgrade available.

Download SaveMySnaps APK

SaveMySnaps is not available in Google Play Store. But you can download the APK file from here:

savemysnaps download

File Size is about 5MB


Download or transfer the APK file from your computer to your phone. Go to the phone’s Settings > Security. Check mark the box Unknown sources. Now, using the file manager go to the SaveMySnaps APK and tap on it. Accept any request that appears to install SaveMySnaps. After successful installation, you will see the Save My Snaps icon in your app list.

How to use SaveMySnaps app?

Just log into Save My Snaps app using your Snapchat credentials; then use it as your Snapchat client. Use the additional features and have fun! Remember, as Save My Snaps is not endorsed by the actual Snapchat Inc, using this might violate the official Snapchat terms and conditions. Snapchat may decide to take steps against you (for example: lock your account) for using third party apps like Save MySnaps. However, this warning is not exclusively applicable for SaveMy Snaps only, but for any such alternate Snapchat clients.

Credits for developing

SaveMySnaps is developed by Liam Cottle, a New Zealand based programmer. He has a number of similar projects. Our site doesn’t sponsor or have any responsibility regarding this app.