Casper Apk latest v1.5.6.5 free download for all Android devies 2017

Snapchat has gained huge popularity in recent times. But everyone will agree that the default app for Snapchat is not rich in features. In fact the Snapchat app has some intentionally imposed limitations. Casper apk is a custom client for Snapchat service. That means you can use your Snapchat account through Casper APK and bypass many restrictions present in the official Snapchat. Casper also adds a lot of new features to Snapchat. Read on to know about Casper and enrich your IM experience by doing a lot more than what a traditional Snapchat user can do.


Features of Casper Apk

  • Casper hits at the main spot of Snapchat. Ever wished if you could save those temporary snaps permanently in you device? With Casper, you can! Casper will save all the Snapchat messages you send and receive without any hassle. People sending messages can’t even know that their snaps are being saved from your end.
  • Suppose you have received a very interesting snap and wished to share it with your other friends. You cannot do that with default Snapchat app. But Casper will let you send received messages to others. That is really useful.
  • Snapchat doesn’t have much customization option your snaps. But Casper APK does. It presents you with dozens of custom edit options, filters etc. You can attach a variety of icons into your snaps. With Casper APK your snaps will be truly of your style.
  • Want to add more functions? Casper APK supports add-ons. There are a lot more things you can do with this alternate IM client.

Download Casper Apk

To download Casper APK click on the link below. The file size is about 18.1 MB.

casper apk

The above link will give you Casper APK version


Installing and using Casper

Android OS will warn you against installing any APK form unknown sources. Here “unknown sources” means that the APK file is not from Google Play store. As Casper APK is not listed in Play store, you must change some settings of your device. From the Settings menu go to Security. Scroll down and find the Unknown sources option. Make sure that is is check marked. Now you can install Casper APK in your device by just tapping on the APK file.

After installing the app a new Casper icon will appear on your home screen or app menu. Run the app, log on with your original Snapchat user name and password. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial for Casper

Credits for Developing Casper Apk

Casper is not affiliated by or officially related to Snapchat. It is developed independently by Liam Cottle, a New Zealander. We do not hold any copyright of the APK file. Please use with your own responsibility.