SnapSave APK free download – Save snapchat snaps very easily!

SnapSave is an Android app which is an alternate to the official Snapchat client. The main feature of SnapSave is of course that it enables you to save snaps on your mobile. The app doesn’t require root access and is free to download. The official Snapchat app will delete any snap automatically after a certain duration. But if you open the Snapchat messages, videos or pictures using Snap Save, you can easily save them in your phone memory.


Features of SnapSave

  1. Save Snapchat images, videos and stories.
  2. The receiver won’t be notified about saved snaps.
  3. Easy to use, simple interface.
  4. Doesn’t require root access.

Download SnapSave

You can download SnapSave from Google Play Store or as an APK from the link below:

snapsave download

The file size is slightly more than 6MB.


To install SnapSave, download the APK file to your phone or download it to your desktop and transfer to the phone. Next, go to Settings > Security and check mark the Unknown sources box. This will allow your phone to install apps from APK files. Now, using your phone’s browser open the Snap Save APK. Agree to any prompt that appears. Snap Save will be installed.

How to use SnapSave

Using SnapSave is easy. You can login to your Snapchat account via Snap Save using your Snapchat account information. Note that you can’t use Snap Save and official Snapchat app together. If you log into one, you will automatically be logged out from another. After logging in, use Snap Save as your Snapchat client. You can now save the snaps you find interesting. Note that if you have opened a snap using the official Snapchat app, you can no longer save that snap using Snap Save.

SnapSave is obviously not affiliated with Snapchat Inc and using it might violate Snapchat terms and conditions. Thus, your Snapchat account may be blocked or restricted if Snapchat decides to do so for using an unauthorized app. Note that the risk exists for every alternative Snapchat client, not for Snap Save alone. And if any such problem arises, you will be solely responsible for that; because third party apps like Snap Save won’t take any liability regarding this. However, thousands of users are using Snap Save without any problem so far. So don’t be afraid to give it a try.


SnapSave is not endorsed by Snapchat. There is no reliable official site of this app. Our site doesn’t hold any copyright or responsibility related to its use.